Automatic Electroplating lines

STS Industrie SA designs, manufactures and services customer-tailored anodization solutions for semiconductor and PCB manufacturing. We partner with our customers to develop turn-key modular solutions that address their specific layout, sizing, bath chemistry and electroplating process management requirements. Our processing and monitoring equipment drive a precise sequence of immersion in different chemical baths that allow our customers to optimally accomplish their electroplating production goals.

Our monitoring software allows you to control each parameter of your electroplating line installation:

  • Treatment time
  • Viewing each bath parameter
  • Production monitoring
  • Production protocols
  • Exporting production data
  • Importing production data
  • Maintenance and analysis of baths

For more information, visit the automation/software page

Specific skills of an automatic electroplating line

  • Specialized transfer systems:
    • Side arm hoists
    • Bridge-type hoists for wider baths and heavier loads
    • Hanging hoists
  • Top racking system for PCB for easy loading / unloading
  • Fully automatic loading / unloading
  • Robot integration for automatic loading / unloading