Reel to Reel electroplating installations

The single or dual strands “S-MODULE” range of continuous selective plating equipment combines flexibility and reliability to give the optimal high quality production.

This equipment is designed in order to meet the surface treatment requirements of today’s connector and semi-conductor manufacturers.

Due to its modular design, the change over of parts or of plating technology can be carried out quickly and simply.

In the multi-purpose treatment cell system, a wide range of interchangeable accessories and plating heads are available such as for overall plating, high speed plating, partial immersion, side wave cascade, brush plating and many other custom designed plating heads.

Spot plating and Stripe plating units can also be supplied in self-contained modules easily interchangeable and adaptable to most of the plating equipment on the market.

Spotter Technology

Spotter VT

The SPOTTER-VT allows the plating on flat semi-conductor frames or formed contact terminals with possibilities such as spot or stripe plating on one or simultaneously on two sides, precise and exclusive East/West plating of contact edges or North/South plating by inserting silicone masking forms between the contact terminals. (More information)

Spotter HS

On the “HSW” version, thanks to a newly developed driving system, very wide and fragile leadframes having a width up to 160 mm can easily be spot plated with no deformation due to the pulling strength. The new SPOTTER-HSW driving system consist of two titanium transportation belts set with rubber grips and placed under the maskinglinks chain. The transportation belts and the back rubber masking belt are driven simultaneously at the same speed resulting a higher spot accuracy – no friction strength – and allowing a higher spot sealing pressure.  (More information)

Masking Chain

Developed for the SPOTTER equipment range, EESA introduce the high accuracy masking tool for high speed plating in continuous motion on flat or 3D formed connector strips or semi-conductor frames.  (More information)

Rainbow Cell

The RAINBOW-CELL, is especially designed to treat thick strip material having a large bending radius which can not be loaded around the guiding rollers of a conventional “Wheel” type of plating unit.   (More information)

Combi Cell

The *COMBI-CELL* is a flexible plating unit for the production of various kind of connector terminals, which require high PLATING SELECTIVITY and QUICK TOOLING CHANGEOVER TIME. (More information)

Spotter CS

EESA is introducing the SPOTTER-CS, the ultimate selective *spot* plating cell for deposition in continuous motion on cut strip leadframes or loose piece components. The SPOTTER-CS is used in the “LPP 1/U” range of plating equipment.  (More information)