Space, water and chemical saving OSCILINE ® Technology


  • STS INDUSTRIE SA has developed a special technology to save production space and water consumption. The OSCILINE series allows the treatment of products in a stationary container, where the liquids are pumped in and out as required.

How it works

  • Active chemicals are brought to the products, instead of products being brought to the baths
  • Active baths and rinsing tanks are located on 2 separate levels, allowing the integration of more active baths in a plating line, without additional space
  • Rinsing via space saving rinsing cascades – successive transfers of water (back and forth), first from the “dirtiest” tank, then with clean and very clean water.

Special features

  • Triple cascades yield optimum rinsing results with without taking up valuable production space.
  • Chemicals are only used when products are physically present
  • Safe storage of corrosive chemicals
  • Reduced chemical consumption: no loss due to evaporation or oxidation of the bath


Osciline Linien Diagram