STS Industrie SA designs, manufactures and services customer-tailored solutions for electroplating equipment and surface treatment applications.

We partner with our customers to design turn-key modular solutions that address the specific layout, sizing, bath chemistry and process management requirements. We manage projects from end-to-end: from concept to manufacturing, installation and service.

STS provides solutions for manufacturers in the following industries:

  • Semiconductor and PCB manufacturing
  • Automotive & aerospace
  • Medical devices
  • Watch-making and jewellery

STS Industrie SA has a proven track record of over 40 years in the electroplating industry. We are specialists in developing modular systems, fully automated plating lines and vibration technology. Our sophisticated processing and monitoring equipment drives a precise sequence of immersion in different chemical baths that adds value to your products in the form of added protection (against corrosion or wear) added features (contact resistance, solderability) or added aesthetics(gold, silver, brightness, decoration).