Vibarrel ® 100

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Technical specifications

Allows the processing of approx. 0.2 dm3

Basket sizes:  60 mm, 90 mm, 120 mm and 160 mm diameter
Basket material:  PP or PVDF
Maximal cathodic current: 25 Ampere
Power supply: 220 Volt – 50 Herz Transformer for Vibration 24 Volt DC included
Weight:  3,8 kg
Height overall:  480 mm

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Special features

Small and compact vibration unit, easy to transport manually from bath to bath.

Manual vibration control.

With 2 potentiometers, to regulate the amplitude and the frequency of the vibration.

Quick and easy exchange of baskets due to ‘quick-lock’ release and fixation system.

Excellent current distribution ensuring uniform deposit on the pieces to be plated.


Vibration baskets can be fitted with a special wire-mesh cover, in order to prevent “floating” products to “swim” out of the basket.


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