Vibarrel® 302

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Technical specifications

Allows the processing of approx. 4,0 dm3

Basket sizes: 160, 200, 250, 300, 360 mm diameter.
Basket material: PP or PVDF
Maximal cathodic current: 350 Ampere
Power supply: 220 Volt – 50 Herz Transformer for Vibration 24 Volt DC included
Weight: 50,0 kg
Height overall: 675 mm, Length = 758 mm, Width = 450 mm

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Special features

Quick and easy exchange of baskets due to ‘quick-lock’ release and fixation system.

Excellent current distribution ensures uniform deposit on the pieces to be plated.

Transport from bath to bath – the vibration unit has to be fixed with a frame to the customer transport hoist. Can be used in an automatic line or transported with a manual hoist.


Vibration baskets can be fitted with a special wire-mesh cover, in order to prevent “floating” products to “swim” out of the basket.

Self-regulating frequency generator for Vibarrel Baskets – new technology for better results!

One of the most critical issues during the galvanic processing of small parts in a vibration basket is how to find the correct power/frequency ratio for all treatment baths. For instance, a setting that works fine with a cleaning or preparation bath will not necessary work as well in a Nickel bath, as the density of the Nickel bath is different.  This means that under normal circumstances, you have to keep an eye on your process and regulate manually as need be.

The need for manual adjustments is now over with STS’s new self-regulating frequency generator for Vibarrel baskets!  STS Industrie SA has developed a new way to automatically regulate the vibration in function of the bath density.  In future, you will only need to set the power / frequency ratio one time after loading. During the entire process, the frequency generator will self-regulate the power, in order to always keep the vibration movement as you have set it.  This will improve your product quality, eliminate defects and save you valuable working time, as you will no more be requested to make manual corrections to the settings.


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