VIBARREL ® Vibratory Units


Vibration systems for electroplating small and delicate parts.

Advantages of VIBARREL ® technology

  • Excellent distribution of the deposit over the entire surface of the treated parts
  • Possibility of treating very delicate and fragile parts without deformation or deterioration
  • Improved exchange of electrolytic solution
  • Reduced consumption of precious metal
  • Reduced drag-out

How our Vibarrel technology works

  • The vibratory plating unit uses a cylindrical basket, which is connected at the top to an oscillating unit (axial and tangential oscillation).
  • The movement of the parts around the axis of a VIBARREL ® vibration basket is always smooth.
  • A smooth movement also keeps a constant electrical contact between the parts and the cathodes at the bottom of the basket. The vibration mixes the products together. This allows a uniform deposit, without any “blind spots” ensuring the same surface thickness for all parts.
  • The vibration movement maximizes the exchange of the chemical solution. The chemical solution can also reach the inside of very small holes.
  • The drag out of chemicals is reduced and the rinsing process will be easier.
  • The complete vibration unit can be transported with an adapted hoist from bath to bath.

Vibarrel Vibratory Units

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