Developed more than 30 years ago, the VIBROBOT® has continuously been improved. 2 key techniques define the ® VIBROBOT .

  • Transfer of the electrolytes in a unique process tank.
  • The agitation of the parts by vibration.

The combination of these two functions makes of the VIBROBOT® a compact, powerful, reliable and ecological equipment.

Description of the VIBROBOT®

  • One unique process tank.
  • 4 or 8 bath tanks.
  • 1 stationary anode and up to 2 mobile anodes.
  • Water in- and outlet for the rinse system.
  • Vibrator with automatic regulation technology.
  • Interface man-machine clear and easy to understand.

The key functions of the VIBROBOT®

The bath transfer

The different bath liquids are stored in separate bath tanks below the process tank. Their design in completely hermetic material prevents the evaporation of solutions in the atmosphere.
The bath transfer from a bath tank into the process tank is made by injection of compressed air into the bath tank. The bath is led over an appropriate siphon system. At process end, the bath flows the same way back by gravity.
During this whole process, the bath in the process tank is moved up and down in order to renew the electrolyte.